Dr. Ahmed Al-Khatib, Sohag's Advisor for Performance Measurement Affairs, met with the institute's students via video conference

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As part of the Keenness of the Higher Technological Institute for Applied Health Sciences in Sohag to develop the infrastructure and measure its ability to perform optimally at this stage hosted the Institute via video technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Khatib, Advisor to the Governor of Sohag for Performance Measurement affairs and member of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority for Educational Institutions with the students of the Institute

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The meeting dealt with listening to the evaluation of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Khatib for the infrastructure implemented through the institute to manage the current stage and apply the activities of e-learning with students as well as listened to students and their satisfaction and satisfaction to the experimental stage and the problems they faced and how to overcome them

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Khatib praised what the Institute has achieved in this field and its ability to manage the current phase and promised to continue the work and make observations and evaluation sought on a continuous basis.